When Showtime's Queer as Folk launches its second season Sunday night (10 pm/ET), fans of the same-sex soap opera can rest assured that the randy regulars will continue to go above and beyond... and below the belt. In fact, executive producers Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman hint at carnal delights so scandalous, they may make Melrose Place look like Walton's Mountain. QAF will be as "outrageous and controversial and politically incorrect" as ever, they promise. Adds Lipman: "We felt very strongly that when a show is successful and people really like it, [it shouldn't be screwed around with]." Ah, but while the series inarguably is a ratings smash — it's the cable network's most popular program — not every critic is convinced that it doesn't engage in its own form of backhanded gay-bashing. How do the partners respond to such a suggestion? Rowr!