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Quantico: The Terrorist's Endgame Is Bigger Than You Imagined

Plus: Caleb (sort of) takes down Sistemics

Joyce Eng

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Sunday's episode of Quantico. Read at your own risk.]

Things got nuclear on Sunday's Quantico -- or they're about to.

We finally learned more about The Voice's endgame, thanks to some help from Shelby (Johanna Braddy). Yup, she too has officially rejoined Team Alex (Priyanka Chopra). You think any of them are ever like:



Shelby still has to act like she hates Alex's guts at the FBI field office, though, which is where she's brought her team to upgrade the FBI's software. I love the idea that the FBI doesn't have the best security software in the land and needs to rely on a recent graduate's family's company. Thinking she's up to some evil-doing, Alex gets Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) to halt the upgrade by telling her about Shelby's parents' faked 9/11 deaths. Alex then interrogates Shelby, who taps out a message to her in Morse code: "I'm on your side."

Later, on the stairs, Shelby tells Alex that The Voice made her rent an SUV under Mark Raymond and play Uber driver to Will (Jay Armstrong Johnson) and Simon (Tate Ellington), whom she dropped off at a warehouse in Yonkers. Shelby has figured out that The Voice's voice is all of their voices braided together, and the calls were running through a server in the FBI building, hence her upgrading the system to trace them. She has also been in contact with Caleb (Graham Rogers) and was the person he had called at the end of last week's episode. Also, real smart, guys, to have this convo inside the FBI building when you know The Voice is working from within and has eyes everywhere in there.

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Back at Alex's apartment, where Caleb is sweatier than Justin Theroux on The Leftovers after going cold turkey, The Voice calls Shelby and threatens to kill her first if she "screwed with me" at the FBI building. They trace the call to a church in Harlem and come across Will, who's gross and stumble-y and bloody because he's apparently dying. Then he does that thing dying people do on TV shows where they tell someone something bad is about to happen with one piece of info and no other context. "I'm sick. I don't have much time," he says. "I helped build it with my own hands. The nuke. You have to find it." Just saying, if I'm about to drop dead and a terrorist is about to deploy a nuke that I had made, I'd make sure to say as much as I can than just "Hey, I pitched in on that." But, nope, Will then collapses whilst a pool of blood spills out of his mouth. We hardly knew ye, Will. I will miss your Andy Murray doppelganger face.

Philippe Bosse, ABC

So a nuke, huh? I guess that's the logical next step after two street-level bombs and Will having memorized U.S. military codes. I just hope the reason behind it is decent and not the usual angry, disgruntled B.S. Which is what they're setting up Drew (Lenny Platt) as in the past timeline. After he nearly gets Alex killed while rappelling down a building because of his hand tremor, she tells Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) about Twitchy McHand-Twitch. Liam (Josh Hopkins) orders Drew to see a doctor, but he refuses because he can't lose "this" after losing his football career, his lawsuit against the NFL and his girlfriend. So, dude peaces out... and becomes The Voice? He's probably another red herring because that was flashing "anvil" in headlights.

Elsewhere in the episode:
- The Sistemics plot is officially over. Shelby pays her way inside the headquarters to confront Caleb, who tells her that he and Clayton (Mark Pellegrino) have been trying to take down Sistemics and expose their L. Ron Hubbard, Dan Berlin (Ari Cohen), for attempting to bomb that Kentucky courthouse eight years ago. Caleb films his conversation with Dan with his Mark Raymond glasses, which leads to Dan's arrest and confession. But Clayton tells Caleb that Dan will walk in exchange for Sistemics giving up its tax-exempt status to slowly deplete their funds. Really? Is that the best deal you can think of? Because that has to stay on the DL, much to Caleb's chagrin, Clayton tells Shelby that Caleb had rejoined Sistemics and she saved his life by warning Clayton. "I would like to thank you on behalf of our entire family," he says. #subtext. He offers Shelby a job in his office after graduation.

- Lodge is Sistemics' Sea Org. That's where Caleb's BFF Ross Edwards was sent after Caleb was rescued back in the day. Unfortunately, Ross has since hanged himself.

- Which Scientology spoof would you join: Sistemics or Cosmetology on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

Season MVPs: The year's best

- During career day at Quantico, the twins (Yasmine Al Massri) get assigned an old school handler, who has them do menial stuff like polishing guns. Nimah stupidly texts Liam after they find a stash of money and drugs in their handler's house, because anyone with two brain cells could tell you that was a friggin' test, and they friggin' failed.

- How do you not see "For Training Purposes" in big block letters?


- In the future, Shelby says that her parents actually died in a plane crash five months ago in Jordan while trying to evade authorities. Or did they just fake it again?! I wouldn't put it past Shelby to fall for that a second time.

- Ryan finally realizes that Natalie is dead after her mom comes looking for her. He and Nimah then find footage of Alex helping bomb-strapped Nat bypass security the last day Nat was seen alive. For someone determined to figure out what Alex is up to, it's hilarious how Ryan never realized that the night Alex came to him in hysterics was also the last day anyone saw Nat before she took her sudden "leave of absence."

- Alex's hair game = still strong.


Quantico airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.