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That Psych: The Movie Dream Sequence Was Almost Even Crazier

See what didn't make it to air!

Lindsay MacDonald

One of the best (and definitely weirdest) moments of Psych: The Movie was no doubt Shawn's (James Roday) incredibly bizarre dream sequence.

Stuck on the case, Shawn has a dream which later proves to have held crucial clues to the identity of the killer terrorizing Juliet (Maggie Lawson). Of course, those hints didn't become clear until much, much later, so at first glance, the dream just appeared to be an excuse for Psych to embrace it's eccentric instincts and bring in some unforgettable cameos.


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In said dream, the dearly departed Mary Lightly (Jimmi Simpson) shows up to have a one-on-one with the dreaming Shawn. As with all of Simpson's appearances on Psych, his performance struck the perfect balance between hilarious and unnerving, only made more so due to the fact that in the dream world rules don't apply That's why when Mary reaches underneath the table, Shawn gets nervous, afraid of what Mary has planned. But as it turns out, Mary simply wants to pull out his ukelele so that he can sing a Gin Blossoms duet with his old friend.

But this bizarre performance of "Allison Road" is only the tip of the insane iceberg Roday initially had planned for this dream sequence.

"There were a couple things that James came to the table with," creator Steve Franks tells TV Guide. "James says, 'Okay, I want to do a dream sequence,' and I'm like, 'Yes, of course, James, just go nuts!' And he did. He actually went a little too nuts. We had to make a few concessions. There were a couple other guest stars that would have been in that dream sequence, but scheduling and budgetary considerations meant we had to hold them off."

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If you were wondering, one of those guest appearances was supposed to be Curt Smith, who'd previously appeared on the series a handful of times as himself. He was also shot, mauled by a panther and eaten by zombies, so we can't imagine what Roday would have put that poor man through this time around.

Even without landing another opportunity to put poor Smith through the ringer, Roday originally had another pitch for an extremely painful-looking moment that was sadly scrapped. As even the lightest Psych fans know, every episode of the USA series includes a pineapple, and Roday's initial idea for how to slip the Psych mascot into the film was... a little out there.

"[James] was actually going to have -- in a very graphic way -- a pineapple burst from his chest just like John Hurt in the Alien movies," Franks reveals. "It was going to take the segment to another level that I think the studio and the network and our budget weren't comfortable with, but it was really fun."

But perhaps the most gleeful moment of the dream sequence is one that likely went unnoticed by many. For a brief moment in the dream sequence, Shawn imagines a talking horse wearing pajamas telling him to "stay gold," which is how he knows he's asleep. The voice of that pony? None other than The Outsiders author S.E. Hinton!

"I don't know how many people in the world will ever know that's S.E. Hinton's voice, but we will and it will mean so much to us," Franks says.

The dream also featured great appearances of Juliet as a Princess Leia hologram and Gus (Dulé Hill) as Prince, who join Shawn and Mary in their trippy Gin Blossoms rendition. Originally, Franks had hoped to include a sly callback to Psych's early days, but sadly, the prop in question got lost in the shuffle after Psych went off the air three years ago.

"When we had Prince and Princess Leia there, the only thing I wanted to add was I wanted Princess Leia to be a hologram... I wanted it actually to project out of Henry's (Corbin Bernsen) hula girl lamp that was in his house from Season 1, but I think we couldn't find the hula girl lamp," Franks says.

Wherever that hula girl lamp ended up, we hope she's happy...