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Yes, the Psych Movie Sequel Will Be All About John Cena

Are five more movies on the way?

Lindsay MacDonald

If you were expecting the final moments of Psych: The Movieto tie up all the loose ends from the series and close the book on Shawn (James Roday) and Gus' (Dulé Hill) adventures for good... you really don't get this show by now, do you?

Instead of a cheesy farewell scene, Shawn and Gus found themselves back in Psych headquarters (now known as Psychphrancisco) at the end of the movie, when Juliet's brother Ewan (John Cena) burst in with a full SWAT team on his tail. After a passing line about Ewan's mystery wedding gift to Shawn, which he apparently will need down the line, and the trio's frantic escape out the back door, we were left dangling off the edge of yet another cliffhanger. So does that mean another movie is definitely in the cards?

If creator Steve Franks gets his way, the answer is yes! According to Franks, the movie's cliffhanger is all part of his master plan to trick people into allowing him to make five more Psych movies.

"When we were ending the show and steering it towards a conclusion, I was sort of steering it towards the two-hour world," Franks told TV Guide. "I steered it right towards doing one [movie], and I realized by saying something over and over maybe I could talk it into existence. So I thought if I can talk into existence one, maybe I can talk into existence six."

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As for what the second movie would be about, Franks wouldn't divulge specific details, but did say Cena is an integral part of what they have planned for the sequel. "It's set up that he kind of needs to be, so I hope we haven't shot ourselves in the foot that way," Franks says of Cena's participation.

Another person whose role in a sequel will hopefully be more substantial is Timothy Omundson, who suffered a stroke shortly before filming began and thus was only available to film one scene.

"Knowing that Tim has remarkably come along so far, we could tee up the next movie and have him do even more in the next one," Franks confirmed. "And of course, then we'd have to do a third one to have him do even more and so on, and that comes out at about six. Six movies, what I've always been saying."

Would you show up for five more movies, Psych-Os?