The best part about Comic-Con is that fans have the chance for real face time with the stars of the shows they love. With Psych: the Movie reuniting the cast for one last hurrah (to be followed by several more hurrahs, apparently), fans were psyched — yes, we went there, deal with it — to ask the actors and writers behind their favorite characters some of their burning questions.

The worst part about Comic-Con? There are like a thousand other fans with exactly the same idea.

TV Guide decided to lend a helping hand to fans that maybe didn't make it up to the microphone during the Psych: The Movie panel at New York Comic-Con by asking their questions directly to the cast.

The First Psych: The Movie Footage Is Predictably Amazing

From nicknames to Monk crossovers, we got the details on all the behind-the-scenes info you're just dying to know about Psych: The Movie. We even got James Roday to fess up that Dulé Hill is actually a terrible driver in real life — though you should probably take his playful teasing with a grain of salt. See the fans ask their questions and the cast members answer them in the video above.

Psych: The Movie will air Dec. 7 at 8/7c on USA.

James Roday and Dule Hill, <em>Psych</em>James Roday and Dule Hill, Psych