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Psych Creator Wants to Make Five More Revival Movies


Lindsay MacDonald

Most shows that manage to snag a revival movie do so with the understanding that this will be the show and characters' final moment in the sun before fading away forever, but Psych creator Steve Franks isn't willing to settle for that. In fact, he wants to make five more movies in the world of Shawn Spencer (James Roday).

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Franks revealed that he left the series finale of the show open-ended with the intention of returning to make six follow-up movies. And the franchise he's looking to as an example? The Fast and the Furious movies of all things.

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"[In the same] way that the Fast and the Furious movies used to be about street-racing and they've pivoted into heist movies and all that stuff, I kind of want the [Psych] movies to pivot into action-comedy where you can do something that feels like a feature movie and not just two episodes of Psych put together," Franks told EW, "because as fun as it is to watch this show, it's nothing compared to how fun it is to write this show and to make this movie."

It's hard to say whether Franks will get to make five more movies, but it sounds as if he's already got firm plans to make a second.

"There's some great, great stuff that took place in Santa Barbara, and movie two is certainly going to utilize some of those bits. The entire scenes, word-for-word, will be in the second movie," says Franks.

Do you want five more Psych movies? Or would you rather send them all off into the sunset after one?

Psych: The Movie is scheduled to premiere in December on USA.