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The Psych Cast Shares Their Best Title Suggestions for the Potential Movie Sequels

Would you watch Psych 2: 2 Much 2 Handle?

Sadie Gennis

When Psychcreator Steve Franks first revealed he hoped to do another five reunion movies, our first reaction was, Whaaaaat?!? But then our second reaction was, heck yes!

If any show can somehow pull of doing a Fast and the Furious-like film franchise, it's Psych. They've already shown us they can do spot-on takes on Twin Peaks, Clueand American Idol, so following in the footsteps of a Vin Diesel film franchise sounds right up their alley.

The question then becomes: what are the movies going to be called? For the first Psych movie, they went with the incredibly predictable Psych: The Movie. But the stars hope to switch things up a bit for the potential follow-ups.

"Psych 2," suggested Maggie Lawson. "But 2 Much 2 Handle."

Corbin Bernsen threw out the idea of Murder on the Psycho Express and also raised the possibility of Psycholulu, which would see the gang go to Hawaii.

You Won't Believe Who Psych: The MovieOriginally Wanted for Zachary Levi's Role

This idea of an island-themed film was echoed by many other members of the Psych team, including Franks. "Psych: Honolulu, Psych: Anything in the Caribbean, Psych: Any Place That I'd Like to Vacation," Franks suggested.

Based on these ideas, we probably should expect at least one of the potential Psych movie sequels to see the cast traveling to some relaxing beach locale where they an solve crimes while sipping daiquiris and working on their tans.

Psych: The Movie will air on USA this December.

Additional reporting by Megan Vick