Project Runway by Barbara Nitke/Bravo Project Runway by Barbara Nitke/Bravo
*SPOILER ALERT* Miss last night's episode of

Runway? OK, here's the abridged version: The remaining designers piled into one of those awesome 12-passenger vans and hit the road for one of Tim's beloved field trips. Where to? A denim extravaganza, of course! The task- to create an iconic Levi's 501 piece by deconstructing jeans and jean jackets (thankfully no one took it back to the days of the stonewash). The winner- Ricky and his button-fly tube dress won (and of course, he cried). The loser- Victorya and her frumpy trench. Watch it now! | More online videos Your take: For those who did catch last night's episode, do you think the judging was fair?