Project Runway, Tim Gunn Project Runway, Tim Gunn

On Part 1 of the Project Runway finale, the designers are sent home to create a 12-piece collection for New York Fashion Week.

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Carol Hannah is working in upstate New York on what she describes as wearable sci-fi garments, Irina is working on a collection of drab-colored knits in Manhattan, and Althea is creating even more enormous knits in Dayton, Ohio. 

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Michael Kors and Nina Garcia try to make up for their absences all season by putting in some face time in the finale workroom. And in a not-so-shocking twist, Tim and Heidi announce that the designers have to make a 13th look — with help from auf'd designers.

Watch Chris March's take on the episode on this week's Runway Rundown:

What did you think of the first part of the finale? Predictions on the winner?