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This week on Project Runway, the final five had to create a design inspired by the J. Paul Getty Museum. But since it's the last challenge before Bryant Park Fashion Week, two designers were eliminated.

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Tension ran high as the designers put all their energy into a final look. As usual, "Meana Irina" made cutting comments and Christopher covered his face with his palms and wept softly.

Check out why Chris March thinks this week's Runway was unfair:

In the final cut, Irina, Althea and Carol Hannah are going to Fashion Week. (Althea should be thanking the fashion gods; that outfit should have got her auf'd.)

Christopher is sent home for his algae-like gray gown, and Gordona, who put her heart and soul into a flowing dress inspired by the forms of a cathedral, got the boot as well.

What did you think of the judges' decision?