Chris March, <EM>Project Runway</EM> Chris March, Project Runway

You couldn't help but love his larger-than-life persona and infectious laugh, and starting this week, Project Runway's Chris March will be joining for an all-new Web show. But this time, instead of having to listen to the judges, this New York-based designer and Season 4 alum will be dishing out his own critique of Season 5 contestants.

March, 44, is a freelance costume designer with a client list that includes everyone from Madonna to Cirque du Soleil. The San Francisco native earned great acclaim for his giant trademark hats and wigs on America's longest-running musical theater revue, Beach Blanket Babylon. The self-taught designer's innovative creations have appeared on ET, Tyra and the Today show, and March's unorthodox approach to fashion was also profiled in the New York Times.

During last season's Runway finale, we saw some of March's seriously outside-the-box designs. Between crocheted velvet, safety pins and even (gasp!) human hair, March's provocative creations left both the judges and fans talking.

So what's the affable designer up to these days? In addition to teaming up with and blogging for Bravo and Elle's websites, March has been a very busy bee. Now in a relationship with a "super-fabulous" boyfriend, the fashion man still found time to film and design a garment (with human hair, course) for Bravo's A-List Awards. Other projects in the works for March include a hosting gig for a new fashion makeover show called Fashion Cents, a book of his costume and fashion designs, and his own "outrageous" theater show in NYC.

And for those of you who will be in San Fran next summer, be sure to note July 19 in your calendars — it's now known as "Chris March Day."

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