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There are many movies from the 1990s that would make great television shows: GoodfellasSe7en... heck, evenBoogie Nights comes to mind. Way, way, way down that list would be the 1990 critically maligned comedy Problem Child, a movie that most would want to forget they ever saw. No network in its right mind would ever want to bring that movie back, right?

NBC is developing a reboot of Problem ChildThe Hollywood Reporter reports. Writer Scot Armstrong (Old School) is writing a script, with Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplan producing.

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The original Problem Child starred John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck as an infertile couple who adopt a 7-year-old redheaded terror named Junior. Due to comically evil behavior, Junior has been adopted and returned to the orphanage more than a few dozen times. Over the course of the movie, Junior pees in a woman's face, vacuums up a pet goldfish, and feeds dish soap to a cat. (Sorry for the spoilers.) Gilbert Gottfried and a pre-Seinfeld Michael Richards also starred.

This actually wouldn't be the first time Problem Child made it to TVs. The movie was turned into an animated seriesin 1993. Problem Child also spawned two feature-length sequels.

Is Jason Ritter, John's son, available to star in the reboot?

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