Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly

After Pete (Tim Daly) walked out on his therapy session on last week's Private Practice, it seemed like all hope might be lost for him and Violet (Amy Brenneman). However, things will look more positive on Tuesday's episode when Pete decides to take a more carefree approach to fix their marriage.

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"We find them trying to reconnect again," Daly says. "Violet is still trying to pull him back into doing a certain amount of work on their relationship, whereas Pete really wants to have fun. He wants to start over and woo her."

The couple will try to go through the typical early stages of dating, which they initially skipped — they were a little busy quickly getting knocked up, which was followed by Violet getting attacked and then disappearing, of course. "They really skipped a lot of the fun part of the relationship, and that's what Pete wants to try to get back to," Daly says. "We'll see Pete not take no for an answer and they'll actually go on a date, have sex and stuff like that."

Their first date will be "unique," according to Daly. "It's a standard out to dinner, and Violet reminds Pete that she's really glad to be going out, but they have work to do. The next thing you see is not what you expect — they're doing a different kind of work," he says with a boyish grin.

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Meanwhile, Violet has her reservations about Pete's behavior, knowing that he could flip the switch and lose his temper on her again. "Her heart and her head are battling," Brenneman says, insisting that the pair never fell out of love, but Pete's darkness causes him to act out. "She's worried that she's going to be duped again. He wants to do all sorts of things. He wants to go to El Salvador to work in a clinic and Violet just waits him out. She doesn't get as personally wounded after a while. It's a little bit like she's the parent of two toddlers."

With the future of Private Practice still up in the air, the duo hopes that there can be some sort of happy ending. "I hope to God that they resolve this one way or another," Daly says. 

Private Practice airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

Watch a clip from the episode:

Watch a clip from Private Practice

Watch a clip from Private Practice