Question: For some reason, I woke up the morning after the Emmys with this question burning in my brain: What happened right before the cameras started rolling on your interview with Shonda Rhimes?

Answer: Let's just say the queen of Shondaland had some issues with the rather harsh review I gave the Private Practice opener in last week's Ask Ausiello and, as a result, was a little hesitant to give me the time of day, let alone an on-camera interview. But proving that she is both a good sport and not above a little constructive criticism, she eventually made her way over to the interview platform and gave me a chance to explain in more detail why the episode left such a bad taste in my mouth. She was extremely receptive to all of my points and reassured me that if I stick with the show, I won't be disappointed. And that may not be mere spin. I'm hearing from several reliably discerning moles outside of ABC that Episode 2 is a vast improvement over the premiere. As long as there are no characters communicating with floor tile, I'll be a happy camper. (You'll know what I'm talking about soon enough.)