Question: Can you please give us Mer-Der fans some good news? Will they work this out?

Answer: Well, after Shonda and I completed our little off-the-record Private Practice powwow, she did the unthinkable: She gave me some actual, honest-to-goodness, steaming-hot scoop concerning Grey's embattled supercouple. "I want to be clear that Derek loves Meredith," she said as if to put the debate to rest once and for all. "Derek loves Meredith more than anything and I can't imagine Derek going anyplace else other than Meredith." And as if to butter me up even more, Shonda handed me the biggest gift a Grey's fan could ask for: a death certificate with Gizzie's name on it. "A lot of people aren't sold on Izzie and George," she acknowledged. "I think the mistake that everyone makes is that we are telling you Izzie and George are the love story of the century; they're not the love story of the century. And when other people find out about Izzie and George remember, people don't know about them yet other people might think that's not a good idea either."