Amaury Nolasco, <EM>Prison Break</EM> Amaury Nolasco, Prison Break

When last we saw Prison Break's Sucre, he was a man on a mission, having liberated his pal's motorcycle for a high-speed jaunt to Vegas, where longtime honey is about to wed his rival. Will the outcome of this endeavor turn Sucre sour? spoke with his portrayer, Amaury Nolasco, about the dark days ahead. Plus, which of the Fox River 8 will die next? Now, when I spoke to Lane [Garrison, Tweener], he told me that you were among those most surprised by the Dallas heat.
Amaury Nolasco: [Laughs] What's funny is that I'm from Puerto Rico, so when they told me, "Careful with that Texas heat," I said, "Pfft, how bad can it get?" It's cooling down now to the weather I'm used to  low '90s, upper '80s but for the first few months it was 110, 115 [degrees].... I was like, "What the f--k?!" A little bit different from Chicago [where Season 1 was filmed].
Nolasco: A little bit, yeah. And the thing is, I had just finished the Transformers movie in New Mexico, and there it was 110, 113. Imagine being in camouflage gear and boots with 40 pounds of guns and ammunition, and you're walking down these sand dunes.... When I came to Dallas I was like, "OK, it's going to be different," but the only difference is that I wasnt in the camouflage! In the last episode, Abruzzi got killed off. Who's next?
Nolasco: Yeah, he was first to go. Let's see.... There's another death coming up, but I can't tell you who it is. It's coming soon, but not [this week]. What has the set been missing with Peter Stormare (Abruzzi) gone?
Nolasco: I love Peter. He's such an amazing actor, and I learned so much from him. My teacher always told me, "Learn from the best, steal it, and make it your own." He's definitely going to be missed, but we're moving along. It is what it is. Everybody is expendable in this thing. As we speak, Sucre is en route to Vegas to stop Mari Cruz's wedding....
Nolasco: Yep, yep... [This week's] episode is a great episode for me. You'll see the obstacles I've got to go through to stop the wedding. The outcome will turn Sucre into not the sweet guy we've seen for the past 20-something episodes. He's passionate, he's Latin, so he's got that rage that will come out. We'll see a little bit of his dark side. I was going to say, if Mari Cruz puts up a fight, will Sucre abduct her?
Nolasco: [Laughs] You'll see, you'll see.... It actually carries into the next few episodes. Right now we're on Episode 8, and its still a dark Sucre. As an actor I'm loving it because it's completely different. It's a challenge to change what the audience is accustomed to seeing from me. I suppose an alternative to abduction is that he storms away resolved to get his hands on the Utah money so he can use it to gain some power and get her back.
Nolasco: That could be an option, yeah. I would love to tell you, but what's the point? Who wants to know the ending of a book? It's interesting, though, how everybody has their theories. Some of them are not even close, but they're good. Out of all the gang, your look hasnt really changed "on the outside."
Nolasco: No, it hasnt. It will change, you'll see, but not much. After all, what, is everyone going to grow a beard? You'd look like ZZ Top.
Nolasco: Exactly. Not only that, but keep in mind, it's only been two or three days, or something like that. At least you didnt get stuck with a dopey baseball cap, like Wentworth [Miller] did.
Nolasco: I think that was a choice. [Laughs] I'm shedding, though. I was wearing a coat, but because its too f--king hot, it's gone. I'm sure the female viewers won't mind you boys shedding some clothing.
Nolasco: It's funny because the first year most of us didnt get to actually shoot outside [the Joliet prison yard], so we never had that interaction with the fans. Now [in Dallas], they're waiting outside for us! They're always wanting to get a glimpse at any one of us. How else has your life changed since Prison Break broke out as a hit?
Nolasco: Very much. Be careful what you wish for. I see how your private life doesnt belong to you anymore. I go out and there are days you just want to chill and go unnoticed, and somebody will always recognize you. I'll be wearing a hat and shades, and people still recognize me. You get all these perks when people recognize you theyll let you in[to a club], skipping a line, and theyll offer you stuff but there are also times you just want to spend some quiet time with a special someone. I knew what I was getting into, though, so it's all good. I'm not complaining. I thank God every day. Being on not just a show but a hit show? Thats like hitting the lottery. You mentioned the Transformers movie. What exactly are you doing in that?
Nolasco: There are four special-ops officers me, Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas), Tyrese [Gibson] and Zach Ward and we go after the Septicons. It becomes a whole pursuit, with us trying to save the world. It's a great cast. Did Fergie come visit Josh on the set?
Nolasco: Not while we were there, no. I know they see each other, but she just had a really hectic tour schedule. Thats a great couple right there. I first met Josh seven years ago, and he's a great guy.
Nolasco: He's awesome. Let me tell you, he is the perfect example of a guy who could be as cocky as he wants, but isnt. Motherf--ker is ugly as hell  I think he got dropped as a kid  and he's on top of the world, but he couldn't be more humble. I cannot explain to you how f--king cool this guy is. And he's got a beautiful girlfriend! We bonded, every scene we have is together. Hey, maybe while Sucre is in Vegas, he could stop by the Montecito and say hi?
Nolasco: [Laughs] I dont think NBC and Fox would like to do that. But it would be great!

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