If we never get another episode of Prison Break, we can rest easy knowing that Michael (Wentworth Miller), Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Michael Jr. are chilling in a park somewhere living a life of freedom where none of them are stuck in prison, breaking into a prison or breaking out of a prison. Or concocting the most convoluted attempts at revenge against random bad guys. They're just living a normal life, which is anything but normal to them.

The Prison Break finale gave viewers everything they would expect in a season (and possibly series) finale of Prison Break. Twists! Turns! Blood! Bro hugs! It even delivered something you wouldn't expect: an all-around happy ending for just about everyone!

Michael finally got one over on Jacob (Mark Feuerstein) after a few episodes of back and forth, and he did it in the most insane way possible. During a scuffle between Jacob and Michael at an old shipyard (so cliché it's brilliant), Michael was able to lure Jacob into a full re-creation of the front pathway of the cabin where Jacob had Michael framed for the murder of CIA deputy chief Harlan Gaines. Let that sink in for a bit. One of Michael's friends from his prison-breaking days just so happens to love making re-creations of murder scenes, so Michael had him build a replica of the front of the cabin complete with drop cloths to make it look like the forest where Gaines was shot by Jacob. And this was all done in the back of a semi truck. That is impressive. Totally ridiculous and something that South Park's Eric Cartman would come up with, but impressive.

Prison Break: The Battle Comes Home With Deadly Results

The move gave Michael the footage he needed to frame Jacob for the murder that Jacob actually committed in the first place and clear Michael's name. To make things more concrete, Michael planted samples of Harlan's blood in Jacob's office, which he accessed using a seriously amazing trick with his hand tattoos. And if that wasn't enough, Linc punched Jacob's nerdy assistant in the face, and he confessed to everything in the custody of the feds. Jacob was going down from all angles. And just so you know, Linc got his happy ending with Sheba (Inbar Lavi) coming Stateside.

T-Bag (Robert Knepper) didn't get the same happy ending treatment as everyone else, sadly. During a struggle with the feds closing in, Whip (Augustus Prew) — who we discovered was T-Bag's son in the last episode — was shot and killed by A&W (Marina Benedict). A sad T-Bag snapped her neck, was arrested by the feds, and thrown back in the slammer. This guy can't catch a break. Or can he? Because in the final moments of the season, Jacob was placed in a cell with T-Bag (something the feds arranged after Michael impressed them), where lord knows what happened. Hopefully something awful and speakable, because Jacob was the worst.

There's no word on whether or not Fox will pursue another season of Prison Break, but given how Season 5's ratings went, it might be time to lock this up for good despite the entertainment value of seeing just how overly complicated this show can get. What do you think?