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Prison Break Exclusive: Michael's Cool Tattoo Trick Will Blow Your Mind

Watch a clip of the season finale

Tim Surette

As Prison Break rambles towards its Season 5 finale, the big showdown between Jacob (Mark Feuerstein) and Michael (Wentworth Miller) nears. And if last week looked like things were going Jacob's way, they seemed turn around this week. Yeah, Team Michael!

First, the good news is that the clip shows Michael alive and well, so the blood spatter that was part of the penultimate episode's cliffhanger didn't come from him. But we also see A&W is still lurking around, so it wasn't her blood that covered the window. WHOSE BLOOD WAS IT?

We'll find out about that on Tuesday, but for now we have to talk about something else: Michael was playing coy! In the clip, we see that Jacob wasn't in the driver's seat as he thought and that Michael was playing him all along.

Prison Break: The Battle Comes Home With Deadly Results

But the best part comes at the very end, when Michael pulls off one dope-ass tattoo trick to get into Jacob's secret lair. Jacob, you never stood a chance.

Prison Break airs its Season 5 finale on Tuesday, May 30 at 9/8c on Fox.