If you think Paula Abdul is "entertaining" on American Idol, you ain't seen nothin' yet. TV Guide got a sneak peek of Hey Paula, Bravo's upcoming reality show chronicling Ms. Abdul's wacky ways, and here's one example of what we saw: While prepping for the Grammys, Paula lets her two tiny dogs chew on millions of dollars' worth of borrowed diamonds, while the Idol judge laughs hysterically and the jeweler has a panic attack! When the show debuts this summer, there's sure to be plenty more in the way of odd behavior.

Other Bravo programs on the way include:

" Flipping Out: An obsessive-compulsive entrepreneur consults a spiritual healer as he flips multimillion-dollar homes.

" Millionaire Matchmaker: An elite matchmaking service helps single male millionaires find their better halves.

" First Class All the Way: Sara Duffy and her team of travel pros cater to every demand of high-end travelers who all but expect her to "control the weather." (What is she, a Cassadine?)

" Welcome to the Parker: The staff of the posh Parker Palm Springs hotel deals with hard-to-please guests - and each other!