So much happens.

So. Much. Happens.

And I can breathe barely a word about it to you, out of deference to the impassioned plea contained within the memo accompanying ".07%," the first new episode of NBC's Heroes in seven weeks, hitting your screens April 23.

So why am I here blogging about it? Because it's just so, so good, and it has been so, so long since we left Sylar in that room with Mohinder and Peter, and saw Hiro and Ando teleport to a decimated Big Apple. Amidst scads of reruns and a rash of reality-TV programming, it heralds a most welcome return.

Here's what I want to share with you/what I believe I am safe to say:

" The dense first 15 minutes are simply thrilling, capped by a Sylar-Peter showdown that I can only liken to the song "Dueling Banjos." You'll wish it lasted longer, but... it doesn't.

" A new painting is unveiled, this time shedding light on Nathan's fate.

" There's a funny wink to the practice of spoiling TV shows such as Heroes. They all but mention Ausiello by name. (Mike will like that I said that. Hi, Mike!)

" A certain sect of "sick" 'shippers get themselves a sweet moment.

" Lotsa Matt Parkman!

" Ali Larter? Never looked hotter.

" Mama Petrelli does not deserve a visit from the FTD man on May 13.

" Hiro and Ando surface late in the game - or very, very late, depending on how you look at it - but when they do... well, just as you may find yourself wondering, "Oh yeah, whatever happened to...?" you get your answer. And... we fade to black.

I'm going to stop there and encourage you to look forward to experiencing the long-awaited episode in all its glory yourselves. I can't fathom how the entire third story arc of this season can keep up the pace, but if it can, yowza. Recent snow flurries be damned, it's going to be one hot May.