Pretty Little Liars finally revealed the mastermind behind A — sort of.

Although the show revealed A's name (Charles) and gave the character a brief history, it stopped short of revealing an exact identity. So, how does executive producer Marlene King respond to those loyal viewers who, based on the Twitter reaction, feel let down?

"Well we did see a face — it's just the face of a child!" she tells "I was up last night taking a look at everything, and I think [the reaction] is good. I think people were really into the episode and love it. You have that wave of, 'Well you didn't really tell us' ... so there's been an arc. But I think people are on board with the fact that this is the beginning of the end of the story. The ride is almost over."

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While Tuesday's Season 5 finale ended with the girls still trapped alongside Mona in A's crazy, life-size dollhouse-turned-prison, there was an upside. As Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was making her escape, she stumbled into A's lair and discovered DiLaurentis home videos and photos that included another boy. Yes A is a DiLaurentis, but is he Jason's twin? Is Charles now a girl? And when the heck will the girls (and us!) find out who Charles is? King gives us some answers to our burning questions.

How soon will the girls learn Charles' identity in Season 6?
The who and the why will be answered within the next 10 episodes.

Is it bittersweet that it's the beginning of the end of this story you've been telling for so many years?
King: It'll be bittersweet when we film that episode. The story is bittersweet, which the fans got a sense of last night. I saw a lot of tweets from people saying, "You ripped my heart out and gave it to A," and I think that Mona's line that A has a soul is very important. I's the theme we embrace moving forward. A is still badass, but A has a soul and all good villains have a good and a bad side. I'm excited to share all that information with fans moving forward.

Will there be a time jump before the premiere?
Before the premiere, no, but between 6A and 6B there will be.

Is Alison and/or Jason aware of Charles?
I can say that the Christmas episode, with the flashback of Alison and her mom, answers that question. [Watch here.]

There are theories that CeCe is Charles.
Will we see her in Season 6? King:
Um, you might see CeCe in Season 6. Yeah, she likes to come and go.

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The Farm was called Campbell's Farm which is Andrew's last name. How important is that clue to Andrew being Charles?
King: As we get so close to the end of the story, there are no random clues or hints anymore.

For the first time, Tanner [Roma Maffia] saw the girls were innocent. How much does that change things to have the police on their side?
It changes a lot. The police and the parents, when we come back, are fully aware of this A stalker and it changes the game. When we come back, everything is compressed. It's April, beginning of Ma, in Rosewood, and by the end of summer, the girls will have graduated from high school. It's almost as if A wants to get caught. With the girls going off in different directions, it's an interesting time to end this game.

Mona (Janel Parrish) is alive. Will we see flashbacks to find out what really happened in the house and how she got to the other location?
King: There will definitely be flashbacks as to what happened in the next [batch] when we come back.

Will we see more about Bethany or is that story line done?
King: You'll find out this summer who hit Bethanny [before Melissa killed her] and why.

Give us your best tease for Season 6.
I would say last night is just the beginning. That tone, that pace and I think the depth — it was very layered. It wasn't just pick up your mask and show us your face. There are a lot of layers to this story that will be unsealed in the next 10. We made it to the finish line. Our fans are so passionate and loyal, and yesterday was the beginning of 11 episodes that we've all been waiting for. Every one of them connects the dots and every one is a collective answer.

Pretty Little Liars returns in June.

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