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The holidays might be over, but we've still got a few items on our wish list.

We're five seasons into Pretty Little Liars and we still don't know the truth about Bethany Young, the jury's still out on whether Alison is a psychopath, downright evil, or merely a mean girl, and it's not definitively clear who "uber A" is. And those are just the major questions. So as we embark on the second half of Season 5, here are our seven wishes for the show's next installment.

1. Uber A is revealed
OK, this is an obvious one — and VERY unlikely to happen before Season 5 is through — but we can hope, right? (Besides, showrunner Marlene King did promise us that A would be revealed before Season 7 begins.) But we're not just dying for this reveal because we've waited for so long. Giving up the answer early will provide for some interesting stories for the show's final season(s). How did this person pull it all off? Why? What's the fallout for the girls actually learning the identity of their tormentor? We'd love to know all of these answers, and we'd love to see flashbacks of A within scenes we've already seen.

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2. Jason returns
It's been awhile since we've seen Alison's brother (Drew Van Acker), and last time he was around he issued a stern warning to his half-sister Spencer (Troian Bellisario) that their father was not to be trusted. Not only do we miss his mysterious presence, but with the reveals that Mrs. DiLaurentis could be Bethany's real mother (and, as a result, Jason's half-sister) and that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) possibly lured her to Rosewood which resulted in her death, there's more reason than ever for Jason to return and uncover his family's secrets. Fortunately, it appears we'll get our wish in the second episode of Season 5B, as photos show him and Ashley Marin in a real estate office (presumably his family's).

3. Spencer is let off the hook
While we don't believe Spencer will really get convicted of Bethany's murder, it could be one of A's biggest coups to get her behind bars. But really, would the girls stand a chance of solving much with their smartest team member locked up?

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4. No more breakups
There was no scene as lovely as Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer celebrating Christmas with their significant others at one big happy dinner table (or as sexy asthis!). At this point in the series, each of the duos have earned their relationships — all of them are way beyond flings — and truthfully, any couples' drama will distract from the true mystery at the heart of the show. So let's keep them all together, k? And no more long-distance relationships (i.e. no sending Paige to California) because as we saw with Hanna and Caleb, they never work.

5. More Mona flashbacks
Perhaps the only good thing about killing off Mona (Janel Parrish) is that we can still get our Vanderwaal fix in flashbacks. But since she's one of Pretty Little Liars' most dynamic characters, it would be a shame to not continue to use her, even if only in dream sequences, as shown in the Christmas special. At the very least, we need to see how she went down fighting in the show's most gruesome deaths.

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6. Alison dies
Sorry "Emison" fans, but if A were to kill the Queen Bee not only would it be a huge game-changer, it would also put the question of whether Alison is Uber A to rest and it would raise the stakes that much more. Plus: It was foreshadowed in the Christmas episode that Ali would meet her maker, so it's not entirely implausible she could be next on the list.

7. Explore Bethany's backstory
We have barely any information on Bethany, even though? her introduction to Alison could've been the catalyst for the entire series. Since the Christmas episode showed that Ali might've known about her — and her mother's relationship with Bethany's father — since childhood, there's a wealth of knowledge (and flashbacks) to be explored that could inform much of the story, and certainly Alison's behavior, today.

What do you hope to see in Season 5B? Tell us below!

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