OMG guys, Ezra Fitz might finally have an age appropriate love interest!

According to Deadline, Pretty Little Liars alum Ian Harding has been cast in a series regular role in Fox's untitled FBI drama pilot starring Katie Holmes.

The series focuses on FBI Special Agent Hazel Otis, played by Holmes. While investigating a domestic terrorist threat, Hazel's secret affair with a prominent general becomes public, destroying her reputation. The series follows her journey as she attempts to rebuild her life, both personally and professionally.

Katie Holmes Is Returning to TV

A stark contrast to Holmes driven and seemingly serious character, Harding will play Sam Gerard, her "preppy and privileged" co-worker. We may be getting ahead of ourselves on the love interest thing, but Ezra Fitz palling around with Joey Potter is like the weirdest, BEST pairing ever.

Jose Pablo Cantillo, whose previous credits include Taken and Shooter, has also been added to the cast. Cantillo will play Irish Joe, an FBI field agent on Hazel's team.

Ian Harding, <em>Pretty Little Liars</em>Ian Harding, Pretty Little Liars