All of Pretty Little Liars fans' favorite ships were wrecked going into Season 6. While some have managed to build new boats out of the wreckage (we're looking at you Spencer and Caleb), there are some that can't let go (and we don't want them to).

The latest murder in Rosewood brought one favorite couple especially close - Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding). Aria is trying desperately to get Ezra's new book published, despite her former flame being depressed over his dead girlfriend. Yikes! As bad as you may feel for Ezra in his current state, you can't deny that the two still have chemistry. The big question is: When is that chemistry going to turn into another love reaction?

Lucy Hale tells what about these two makes their attraction undeniable, and why, even if they broke up, "Ezria" will never really be over.