Are you ready to play? Because in 43 days, our Pretty Little Liars are bringing their "A" game! Season three kicks off on Tuesday, June 5th (ABC Family, 8/7c) and from this exclusive early peek at the key art for the new round of cute boys and killer secrets, the Rosewood ladies look ready to take on the new foe now that their original texting tormentor Mona is locked up in a psych ward. Just look at those arched eyebrows and armored heels.

Who is it? Ha ha ha. Like we'd tell you even if we knew. But according to executive producer Marlene King, A 2.0 is "just as dangerous as Mona, but in a different way" and their reign of terror will begin once Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily get themselves into hot water shortly after commemorating the anniversary of Ali's death.  

So soak in the glamour of our girls and start cooking up your theories. Who do you think is gonna turn the heat on the girls this summer?

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