Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars

Why orange ya smiling, ladies? Pretty Little Liars resumes its second season on ABC Family January 2, and while we're thrilled to have them back, our heroines aren't exactly jump-suiting for joy. Emily, Hanna, Aria and Spencer will suffer through a less-than-fashionable community-service sentence.

"It's because of the shovel they were found with [in August's finale]," says exec producer Oliver Goldstick. "The last time you saw our girls, they were told that it was the shovel used to kill Alison... and it looked like they had possession of it for some time. So they are in a lot of trouble."

Still, their situation could be worse. "They're [assigned to] picking up trash," adds Goldstick. "But we have yet to see a fast-food place in Rosewood, so it's high-end trash!"

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