Lucy Hale and Ian Harding Lucy Hale and Ian Harding

Are Pretty Little Liars' Ezra and Aria headed for more trouble? Of course they are!

Pretty Little Liars finale: Burning questions answered!

"Things get a little heated ... people get hurt," Ian Harding tells

In the summer finale, the duo hit a few snags as Ezra's ex, Jackie, waged war with Aria (Lucy Hale), threatening to expose the former teacher-student couple. Then, Aria's mom (Holly Maries Combs) confronted Ezra with the knowledge that he was seeing one of his students. For now, she believes that girl is Spencer (Troian Bellisario).

One way or another, the secret's bound to be revealed. "Someone's going to find out by the next couple of episodes," Harding teases.

And what will happen once the cat's out of the bag? Sounds like things get very physical in a scene Harding describes as one of his recent favorites. "[It] involves a lot of the cast, some of the parent cast, and it's very tumultuous," he says. "We had a fight coordinator." Hmm, could Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Fitz be headed for a showdown?

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We'll have to wait a bit longer to find out. In the meantime, there is the upcoming Halloween prequel episode airing in October. Viewers will recall that Ezra was new to Rosewood in the series premiere. (Ezra and Aria had a hot hookup in the local bar.) But perhaps that wasn't his first appearance in town. "There's the possibility you'll see me very quickly," Harding says. "You have to look really hard."

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