Lucy Hale Lucy Hale

OK, what was that?

Did y'all catch that business going on between Aria and Jason on last night's Pretty Little Liars? Yeah, the shirtless basketball — "I liked your pink hair" ­— meaningful glances exchange about halfway through the episode. That one.

We knew there was gonna be trouble in paradise for EzRia this season, but it seemed like it would more about his ex-fiancée than her dead best friend's brother. Yet there they were, Jason in his pec-tacular glory and Aria in what can only be described as uncomfortably smitten kitten mode, giving us all sorts of ideas about how things could go wrong for Rosewood's favorite illicit couple: Like Aria falling for someone closer to her own age. Or Mr. Fitz suddenly having a deal-breaker of a fit over his teacher's pet even eyeing up another guy. Or Jason jerking our girl around for info on Ali. There's just so much potential for drama here!

So what do you think? Are they setting us up for a love triangle? And if so, who do you think Aria should be with?

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