David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel by WireImage.com David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel by WireImage.com
9:30 am: One of my favorite Fox press-tour traditions lives on: snack-filled goody bags for everyone! 9:36 am: Fox's VP of PR Joe Earley announces that this will be the "eco-friendliest TCA day" of them all. Screw the green crap, those recyclable goody bags contain peanut-butter pretzels!

9:37 am: Fox chairman Peter Liguori and newly elected president (and recently dethroned Peacock chief) Kevin Reilly take their seats on stage and jump right into the Q&A. 9:38 am: Drinking-game alert: Take a shot every time Liguori starts a sentence with one of the following: "First and foremost," "Look... " or "Again... " 9:39 am: On making next season's president on 24 a woman, Liguori says "decisions are made consistently to always reinvigorate the franchise. [Producers] consistently go after bold ideas to keep the show fresh." 9:40 am: Reilly, discussing his rapid move from NBC to Fox, says, "It didn't take a lot of convincing to realize this was going to be an incredible opportunity." 9:42 am: "Look " Everyone take a shot! 9:44 am: "Again " Everyone take a shot! 9:46 am: WTF is up with those final two episodes of Drive being banished to Fox.com? "It will always be a complicated issue with serialized shows," says Liguori, adding that he hopes putting the final eps online was "satisfying to the loyalists of the show." 9:47 am: "First and foremost " Everyone take a shot! 9:49 am: Sound the "BS" alarm! Liguori refuses to characterize last season's 24 as "a disappointment." 9:51 am: "Look " Everyone take a shot! 9:52 am: "Again " Everyone take a shot! 9:54 am: "Again " Everyone take a shot! 9:58 am: Liguori confirms that the school-shooting sequence in the Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot has been excised as a result of the Virginia Tech tragedy. 10:06 am: Sound the "BS" alarm again! Liguori still refuses to concede that last season's 24 sucked, maintaining, "Last year's performance doesn't require wholesale changes." 10:11 am: Liguori blames a humorless studio audience for the awkwardly integrated (and seemingly canned) laugh track on the Return of Jezebel James pilot. 10:20 am: "Look " Everyone take a shot! All this drinking is going to make for one dangerous gaggle stampede. 10:28 am: Gaggle stampede! I haven't seen this many drunk men rush a stage since Cher's farewell tour. BACK TO YOU SESSION 10:40 am: It's Frasier set behind the scenes at a local TV news station, starring Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton. And it's funny! Really! 10:47 am: Exec producer Steve Levitan ( Frasier, Just Shoot Me) is sick of critics trashing the ailing beast that is the traditional sitcom. We're not trashing all of 'em, dude. Just the ones that suck. 10:55 am: Holy coincidence, Batman! Grammer and Heaton are both Republicans. Heaton, however, claims they never once had a coversation about their similar political sensibilities. 11:05 am: Heaton says some of the local news anchors in Los Angeles "look like hookers." 11:06 am: Heaton's TV daughter (Laura Marano) looks like the girl who crawled out of the well in The Ring. 11:13 am: Someone's cell phone is ringing and they're not shutting it off. 11:14 am: Cell phone still ringing. 11:15 am: Cell phone is finally silenced after room turns on offender and tears him limb to limb. 11:20 am: Gaggle stampede! ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER LUNCH 1-2 pm: Nobody does themed lunches better than Fox. In this case, they've replicated a school cafeteria, complete with plastic lunch trays and a menu that includes hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, French fries and chocolate milk. Final grade: A+ K-VILLE PANEL 2:04 pm: It's NYPD Blue, only set in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. This show had me at "starring Anthony Anderson." 2:19 pm: The show will be shot entirely in New Orleans. "We had the option to shoot in L.A. and go down to New Orleans a few weeks a year," says exec producer Jonathan Lisco, "but we didn't feel like that served the show." 2:31 pm: The credibility-straining big twist concerning Anderson's partner (played by Cole Hauser) is "factually very reasonable," says Lisco. That's about all I can say without ruining the surprise. Oh, what the hell. He's ******** ** ******* *******! BONES PANEL 2:47 pm: Counting the minutes! 3:02 pm: The session is under way and... there's some kind of loud commotion out in the hallway. Someone needs to simmah down now. 3:04 pm: Scoop! Eric Millegan reveals that Zack will be back this season after he's "sent home early from Iraq." 3:06 pm: Scoop! Regarding a possible Booth and Brennan romance: "The show is just starting to tap into the relationship of these two characters," says David Boreanaz. Adds Emily Deschanel, "We're growing deeper of friends this season. [In an upcoming episode] we investigate a certain kind of fetish and it brings up a little sexual tension.... They'll be forced to face what we feel for each other [early in the season]." 3:08 pm: Boreanaz is asked about his fancy new producer credit, but he totally dodges the question! 3:09 pm: More commotion out in the hallway. Break out the tear gas! 3:11 pm: Scoop! The episode that was yanked last season after the V-Tech tragedy will air in December, although exec producer Hart Hanson says, "It will be reworked." There was apparently some good Jack-Angela stuff in it. 3:13 pm: Big scoop! Hanson on Booth-Brennan: "We want to keep them apart as long as we can without annoying the audience, and there are a number of ways to do that. There are certain steam valves you can use to relieve the pressure, and we plan on using every one of them. But it's Season 3. We better see something." 3:20 pm: Yikes! A reporter takes his life in his hands when he asks Boreanaz an Angel-related question. Specifically, does he have any thoughts about the Angel clone that CBS is putting on the air this fall? Shocker: No, he doesn't! 3:21 pm: Another reporter comes back to the issue of Boreanaz's producer title. Will he actually do anything different, or is it simply a vanity thing? "I get to bring ideas to [the producers] about my character," he says. Yep, it's a vanity thing. 3:27 pm: Hanson describes Ryan O'Neal, who will return as Brennan's dad, as "a huge, huge movie star." I wouldn't say huge. Maybe big-boned. 3:34 pm: Boreanaz admits he wasn't a fan of the Christmas episode, saying, "It felt like one of those Hallmarky shows." He also hated his performance at the end of the Iraq episode. 3:39 pm: Deschanel says she's allowed to bring ideas to the producers, too. Yet, oddly, no producer credit for her. Hmmm.... 3:41 pm: Gaggle stampede! SNACK TIME 3:45 pm: Yippee! Soft pretzels! NEW AMSTERDAM PANEL 4:03 pm: It's NYPD Blue if Sipowicz was immortal. And hotter. 4:05 pm: Amsterdam lead Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has been a regular fixture at the hotel gym this week. Scoop: He can do about 10 chin-ups. That's nine and a half more than me. 4:18 pm: A reporter basically accuses the producers of ripping off Highlander. They claim they never saw it. Said reporter isn't buyin' it and proceeds to aggressively interrogate them. Awkwardness ensues. 4:30 pm: [ Crickets] 4:32 pm: Sensing that the session is limping to the finish line, a Fox publicist pulls the plug 15 minutes early. Loving her for that. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE PANEL 5 pm: Sabra and Dominic are performing their chair dance live! Awesome! 5:05 pm: Jaimie's doing a solo number! 5:06 pm: Danny's up now! 5:07 pm: Pasha and Sara! Wow, cartwheels! 5:10 pm: Performance portion ends. Time for the Q&A. 5:12 pm: Exec producer Nigel Lythgoe explains the new voting rules. I'm not following. 5:15 pm: Judge Shane Sparks explains why dancing is sexy, says it's the closest thing two people can come to having sex without, you know, having sex. That's dirrrrrty. 5:22 pm: Switching gears to American Idol, Lythgoe admits he made a mistake not showing more of the contestants' personalities last season. "We certainly want to increase the emotional hooks for the audience next year," he says. "I'd like to know the contestants better. I'd like our top 12 to be strong[er] - at least as strong as the top 10 on So You Think You Can Dance.... There isn't a Sanjaya [in this group]. No one needs to alter their hair here." 5:29 pm: Scoop! Lythgoe reveals that Season 2 contestant Claire, who hurt her ankle and was promised a "straight shot" to the top, is preggers. 5:34 pm: Gaggle stampede! That's all for today. See you back here tomorrow morning for Fox, Day 2, featuring panels on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Return of Jezebel James (send me your AS-P questions!) and House!