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​The Real Winners and Losers of the Presidential Election

It's not just Trump and Clinton

Liz Raftery

The 2016 presidential election is finally behind us, with Donald Trump upsetting Hillary Clinton to be declared the next president of the United States early Wednesday morning. But Trump wasn't the only person who emerged a winner after the campaign -- and Clinton wasn't the only loser. Here's a look at some of the television personalities and other celebrities who emerged from the election much stronger or weaker than they were before.

Winner: Samantha Bee

The host of TBS' Full Frontal with Samantha Bee shattered her own glass ceiling this election season, solidifying her place within the boys club of late-night TV. The former Daily Show correspondent provided sharp, poignant and hilarious commentary throughout the campaign, and made her fledgling show a must-watch for anyone seeking thought-provoking political analysis, as well as a few laughs. The only downside of Bee's success was that it made us yearn for the days of the Jon Stewart-helmed Daily Show. Which brings us to...

Loser: Trevor Noah

What was your favorite bit of Daily Show commentary this election? Oh, you didn't have one? That's because no one pays attention to The Daily Show anymore, because why would they? Whereas Stewart's Daily Show was practically required viewing in the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012, the entire 2016 campaign represented nothing more than a missed opportunity for Noah, who continues to merely flail around in the gigantic shoes left by his predecessor while struggling to connect with viewers on either end of the political spectrum. We're guessing Comedy Central execs are seriously regretting passing Bee over for the job.

Loser: Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon has made a career out of being a softball interviewer who's much more interested in playing games or joking around with his guests, as opposed to getting real information out of them. But the shtick took on an air of tone-deafness when Fallon took it upon himself to tousle Trump's hair on live television as if he was a petulant child, while his late-night counterparts, including Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, were going out of their way to denounce Trump's racist and sexist proclamations from the campaign trial. Fallon's behavior even drew a rebuke from the godfather of late night himself, David Letterman.

Winner: Seth Meyers

Meyers led the late-night charge against Trump from the very beginning, banning the GOP candidate from his show all the way back in June (in response to Trump's claim that he would ban The Washington Post from covering his rallies). And, aside from Bee, Meyers consistently offered the most on-the-nose commentary on the events of what is sure to go down as one of the most bizarre elections in American history. Must be all that practice he got on "Weekend Update." And, speaking of Saturday Night Live...

Winner: Alec Baldwin

Much like Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin lives on in infamy, Alec Baldwin's spot-on imitation of Trump will take its deserved place in the Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame. As with Fey's skewering of Palin, Baldwin needed to do little more than repeat Trump's own words back in order to discredit him as a viable candidate for elected office. When the campaign was nothing short of depressing, it was a relief to know that SNL could provide some political humor week after week. (Honorable mention: Kate McKinnon also deserves a shout-out for her Clinton impersonation, but SNL was another area where Trump bested Clinton.)

Loser: Billy Bush

It remains to be seen what President-elect Trump will do to the national unemployment rate, but there's already at least one person who lost his job as a direct result of the election: former Today show host Billy Bush, who was dropped by NBC days after the infamous 2005 "locker room talk" tape surfaced. Rather than being remembered for co-hosting Access Hollywoodand Today, Bush will forever be remembered for his snickering during a recorded conversation with Trump as the presidential nominee discusses his penchant for "grabbing women by the p----."

Loser: Donna Brazile

Bush isn't the only TV personality who got fired during the 2016 campaign. Political commentator (and former Clinton advisor) Donna Brazile was given a pink slip by CNN after the investigation into Clinton's emails revealed that Brazile had given the Democratic nominee a heads-up about one of the topics that would be covered in the first head-to-head meeting between her and Trump.

Winner: Chris Wallace

The Fox News anchor, who moderated the third and final presidential debate, is universally viewed as the best of this year's debate moderators. Wallace kept both candidates on topic and pressed for concrete answers on controversial issues such as Clinton's emails and the sexual abuse allegations against Donald Trump. Even critics of Fox News had to applaud Wallace for his truly fair and balanced performance.

Winner: Megyn Kelly

Fox News personality Kelly got on Donald Trump's bad side early, way back during the primary debates over the summer. Even before the "locker room talk" tape and the sexual abuse allegations against him, Kelly hammered Trump on his alleged sexism, and he responded by speculating that she was "bleeding out of her... wherever." Charming! Kelly also found herself in the headlines several months later, when her (and other employees') allegations of sexual harassment against Fox News chairman/Trump supporter Roger Ailes directly led to his ouster from the network. Those newsmaking events, combined with Kelly's popularity among viewers on both sides of the political aisle, put her in a prime position as she renegotiates her contract with Fox News. Who knows where she'll end up next?

Winner: Ana Navarro

Republican strategist/commentator Ana Navarro became a household name during the campaign as she appeared on cable news channels to discuss her decision to vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Navarro was particularly vocal in relation to the "p----gate" scandal, and her impassioned, informed commentary gave news viewers an idea of the mindset of female and Hispanic voters.

Loser: Antonio Sabato Jr.

Soap star and Dancing with the Stars alum Antonio Sabato Jr. was one of only a few Hollywood celebrities who publicly came out in support of Trump. But, unlike his fellow Republican National Convention speaker Scott Baio, Sabato managed to alienate even a few Republicans when he doubled down on the birther issue, reiterating in an interview Trump's previous claim that President Obama is actually a Muslim (he's not).