Barack Obama Barack Obama

President Obama returns to prime time Tuesday for a news conference sure to focus on his economic plan, bonuses for AIG employees, and Monday's stock market rally.

The newser will air on all four major networks at 8 pm/ET, and comes after Thursday's Tonight Show appearance and Sunday's 60 Minutes interview. The president is trying to rally optimism in the economy and temper outrage over taxpayer money going toward AIG bonuses.

But opponents are hoping for another unscripted slip-up, like his Tonight Show joke comparing his bowling game to the Special Olympics, for which he apologized before the show aired.

The news conference will result in several scheduling changes: American Idol's two-hour Top 10 performance show has been moved from Tuesday to Wednesday, where it will preempt Lie to Me. Idol's results show will air next Thursday at 8, bumping Bones.

CBS will start new Tuesday episodes of NCIS and The Mentalist an hour late, and Without a Trace will disappear for the week. NBC will start The Biggest Loser's two hours at 9 pm. Law & Order: SVU is getting bumped.

ABC will not air two According to Jim episodes that had been scheduled for 8 pm, and Dancing with the Stars' results show will air as scheduled at 9 pm.

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