Tom Welling Tom Welling

Question: Any preseason scoop on Smallville?

Answer: Holy Kryptonite, yes! For those of you who didn't see the Super prattle I posted yesterday in the Ausiello Report, Jimmy Olsen will make his eagerly anticipated debut in the season premiere, and he's going to look a lot like Veronica Mars' ex, Troy Vandegraff (aka, actor Aaron Ashmore). Additionally, several of my Super moles now confirm that Jimmy is definitely being eyed as a love interest for Chloe. Now, here's the other big news I teased about in AR: Sources say that a pivotal comic-book character will show up this season and it's got "fanboy orgasm" written all over it. Can't say more, but expect an announcement very soon (like, perhaps, in next week's issue of TV Guide magazine).