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Prepare for More Gore in Preacher Season 2

Keep your puke bucket handy

Lindsay MacDonald

It's no secret that AMC has a lenient gore policy given that The Walking Dead headlines its lineup, but we'd argue that this season of Preacher might be even gorier than watching the zombie kill of the week.

In this upcoming season, we've got a preacher, a vampire and a former assassin all road tripping together to find God, so the gore factor is predictably about to get upped in all the best ways.

"It gets more and more gory," Dominic Cooper says. "There are some wonderfully choreographed episodes, where I had to learn a much more complex series of fight routines ... It gets worse and worse in a good way. There are a lot of intestines."

Preacher Season 2 Looks Epic As Hell

Having seen the Season 2 premiere, we can absolutely corroborate this statement. Keep a puke bucket nearby if you've got a weak stomach.

"It is extreme, a lot of the things that happen to people," Graham McTavish says, "And the way that people die in Preacher -- it's not just sort of boring, conventional ways people would die normally in a show. It's quite creative, and my character particularly finds interesting ways to deal with people with his various weapons and his bare hands."

Preacher premieres June 25th at 10/9c on AMC.