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Power: Ghost and Tommy's Bromance Is Over... and Other Season 4 Spoilers

Power showrunner Courtney Kemp talks about what's ahead for the Starz drama.

Malcolm Venable

(Caution! Spoilers for Power ahead!)

Even with our shattered nerves somewhat calmed now that Power's explosive Season 3 is over, many questions remain as we look ahead to Season 4.

How will investigators figure out who really killed Greg Knox (Andy Bean)? What happened to Keisha (La La Anthony)? Will Tommy's mom Kate (Patricia Kalember) be more of an exquisite hot-mess fest? Valid questions all. While we wait in breathless anticipation, we can, however chew on what we do know, starting with the obvious: Jamie (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy's (Joseph Sikora) bromance is 100% over.

Everybody's favorite ebony and ivory reservoir dogs went through so much this season -- not least hiding Holly's (Lucy Walters) body and murdering Lobos (Enrique Marciano). Tommy even came clean and admitted he'd been hired to kill his homie, a truth bomb that, in perhaps some happier world, would have them making BFF bracelets and vowing to hold each other down always. But that's not going to happen. They've betrayed each other as much as they've been each other's hetero baes, and by the end of Season 3 it's abundantly clear that the fundamental block between them -- Tommy wants to be the white Nino Brown and Jamie wants to be an upstanding club owner -- means they'll never again be the buddies we knew way back when. It's kind of sad isn't it?

Power: Season 3 ends in death, kidnapping and handcuffs

"I think we don't look at it as heartbreaking," Omari Hardwick said in an interview with TVGuide.com. Thinking of them as having some sort of breakup, he said, is dramatic and not really the point. "The bromance of the show is starting to fray. We signed up to play this full range of characters. You have brothers in real life that don't talk for five or so years at points. Where Ghost and Tommy are now, a lot of dudes might [relate]... literally have estranged brothers they haven't talked to in years." What they're doing now, he said, is showing their "beautiful journey." They love each other, he said, but they're at a point of no return.

Joseph Sikora as Tommy and Omari Hardwick as James St. Patrick, Power

Say it ain't so! TomGho is no more.

Jessica Miglio/Starz

"They can't ever be that way again," said showrunner Courtney Kemp. "It would be unrealistic to slide back into that -- for there to be that 'like old days feeling.' The way they met, they'll never be like that again. If Ghost were your friend, would you be like, 'Totally, I'm putting my life in your hands!'?" Since you put it that way... absolutely not. On to the next!

What else can we expect in Season 4? Let's start with Dre (Rotimi Akinosho), who's been courting Jamie's business partners, assuring his street goons he's still about the thug life and attempting to keep convincing Kanan (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson) of his loyalty.

"Dre's story blows up," Kemp says. "He's left in charge of the club. He's running the business. He's definitely trying to expand. Two things are constant with Dre: he's ambitious as hell, and Dre only looks out for Dre. We call him 'Baby Ghost.' He's learning how to be Ghost."

Is James St. Patrick actually a terrible father?

What about Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) -- he who has been majorly screwing up this season and got seduced, unknowingly, by his father's chief enemy. Does he become the prodigal son?

"In a lot of ways, Kanan is the better parent," Kemp said. "What you see in Season 4 is that both care about him. In Season 4, Tariq can't trust either of them. He makes choices with an adolescent brain. He does dumb sh-t, but what else would you expect?"

You have to imagine, of course, that when Jamie finally discovers that his son is being held for ransom -- by his nemesis he thought he killed, no less -- it's not going to be pretty. Can we expect another epic showdown between them?

"The way it unfolds is so different from what you can could possibly imagine," Kemp says. "Tariq's relationship with Kanan gets more and more complicated."

Power is currently in production and returns in 2017.