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Power: 22 Highly Important Questions Before the Season Finale

What does Kanan want with Tariq?

Malcolm Venable

Power is winding down its third season, and even with his drug supplier Lobos (Enrique Marciano) dead, James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) still can't get out of the business. He's got more enemies now than he started the season with, and that's not even counting his arch-nemesis Kanan (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson) -- who in tonight's (September 4) episode kidnapped Jamie's son, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.).

With so many loose ends that need to be addressed before the finale, here's 22 burning questions we need answered:

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1. Are Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Ghost starting to feel like an (unintentional) comedy duo?
After their recent bungling of Lobos' kidnapping, and now their frequent bickering, we kind of need these two to get it together, right?

2. Shouldn't Tommy be showing Ghost more loyalty, given how quickly Ghost saved Tommy after he accidentally murdered Holly?
Tommy has been talking real slick lately, and it's out of pocket.

3. Speaking of Holly, is anyone going to find her body... Which Tommy keeps going to visit?
Tommy. Bruh. Stop going to visit Holly in the place you dumped her body, dude. Tack up some pictures on the wall and pray to them, or make a doll, or something but don't keep visiting the crime scene.

4. How many more times are we going to see the Feds fail at roping Ruiz (Luis Antonio Ramos) into this investigation?
Seriously guys, either nail the guy or let it go.

5. After Tommy killed the goon who insulted Holly, should Ghost be thinking about getting rid of him?
Tommy has zero chill and is becoming an increasing liability. How's the saying go? "When you know better you do better?" Hey Ghost! Tommy's not going to do any better.

Yes, you really did just see 50 Cent's manhood on Power

6. How much do we love the Southern accent on the agent investigating the leak?
Amongst all the New Yawkahs and Spanglish speakers, she's a hunk of buttery cornbread with a side of collard greens. Good call y'all!

7. Does that bootleg-ass portrait of Tommy look anything like him to you?
Man, that could be anybody. You could literally get a more accurate portrait at an amusement park.

Sketch of Tommy, Power


8. How hard did Ghost have to repress a smile when he said, "Who is Felipe Lobos?"
You tried it, Jamie!

9. Isn't Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) a weasel for running back and forth between Ghost and Kanan?
Pick a side and man up, homie.

10. Isn't it the best when Tasha (Naturi Naughton) roasts Angela (Lela Loren), like when she said to her, "Ain't you got a goddamned job?"
True, she pretty much said the same thing before -- it's time for a new read, Tasha! -- but it's still kind of funny.

11. Didn't Angela slice her right back when she said her job was, "putting murdering drug dealers in jail, what do you do?"
BLOOP! Tasha, we'll wait here while you pick up the pieces of your shattered face off the floor.

12. Tommy's mom Kate (Patricia Kalember) is kind of fun right? Couldn't you see yourself having some margaritas with her?
Though you know she's the type who'd steal your wallet and be like, "Oh I'm so sorry! Let's find it!" knowing full well it was in her purse and she was already thinking about how to spend your coins the second y'all parted.

13. Did no one ever warn Tariq about Stranger Danger? What the hell kind of New York City kid would go away with a man he's just met?
I know you've been sheltered all your life Tariq, but honestly, get it together lil homie.

14. Was Father Callahan (Jim Norton) even for real trying to rush the deal inside Truth, by saying the homeless don't like waiting for food... Or drugs?
Man, sit your a-- down and wait for your drugs like everybody else!

15. How funny is Keisha's face when she knows Tasha (Naturi Naughton) is using her shop to launder money, and lying about it. (And by the way, how good is LaLa Anthony in this role?)
She's a good one for containing her rage at Tasha.

Keisha (LaLa Anthony), isn't here for your crap, Tasha.


16. WHERE THE HELL IS JUKEBOX (Anika Noni Rose)?!
We got set up to believe Kanan's bad-cop lesbian cousin was significant in this season but she hasn't been seen in a while. We've only got two episodes left, including the finale; is she coming back in any meaningful way?

17. Why is Ruiz even considering deepening his involvement with these people?
He was far away, meticulously mopping floors in a Wendy's or whatever, until he got sucked back into all this. Run Ruiz, run!

18. It's bad enough Tariq got in the car with Kanan and is drinking some of his lean (out of non-recyclable styrofoam, tsk tsk) but...he's also SHARING HIS STRAW?!
We're approaching cold and flu season, Tariq! We don't know enough about Zika! Also, gangsters and sons of gangsters don't share straws. Come ON Tariq. Nice haircut though.

Don't share straws Tariq! Ew.


19. Did Tasha even really mean that lame apology for turning Keisha's salon into a money laundering enterprise?
Shady, or nah?

20. Kanan is clearly grooming Tariq for something after deciding not to shoot him, but what? Could he really brainwash Jamie's son into turning against his father?
Honestly, between the straw-sharing and saying, 'You can trust me,' these two are feeling really creepy, so let's hope this gets resolved pretty quickly.

21. Was Angela thinking about Jamie when she was knocking boots with Greg (Andy Bean)?
Because that would make two of them. If that picture on the wall could talk it would quote Mariah quoting Mean Girls. "Like, why are you so obsessed with me?"

Greg staring at Jamie, Power


22. Since Angela tucked into the bathroom to do something shifty and Greg sent a text implying he's going to take her down, they clearly both used each other. But is it at all possible that the sex was as at least good?
What am I saying? Greg could never put it down like Ghost.