Is it just us, or does anyone else think that the lengths our political figures are willing to go to in order to win some love from the American people is getting to the point of sheer ridiculousness? They've been on late shows, SNL, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, even The View. We get it - you guys (and gal) are hip and cool. But if you happened to be watching TV last night, you may have noticed that all the current heavy hitters were appearing in some really odd places. First, President Bush showed up on the hit game show, Deal or No Deal, delivering a thank you message to a soldier contestant as well as poking fun at his low approval rating:

But the icing on the cake had to be when we saw Hillary, Barack and McCain air a message on WWE Raw the night before the Pennsylvania Democratic primary. Their wrestling jokes were so cringe-worthy, we could barely make it through to McCain's bit:

Your take: How do you feel about our politicians making so many TV appearances, namely this week's roster consisting of:

" Cindy McCain co-hosting The View
" Barack, Hillary & McCain's taped messages for WWE's Monday Night Raw
" Bush's taped message for Deal or No Deal
" Laura Bush co-hosting Today

Has it all gone too far, pushing the boundaries of campaigning and gaining approval ratings, or are they simply trying to keep up with the changing times?