Casey Kasem Casey Kasem

According to law enforcement, Casey Kasem was on vacation — not missing or in danger — when he was found in Washington state earlier this week, The Associated Press reports.

On Monday, after Kasem's children said they hadn't seen their father since May 6, a Los Angeles judge assigned a court investigator to locate Kasem. An attorney for Kasem's wife of 34 years, Jean, originally said Kasem was out of the country, but the radio legend's children accused their stepmother of "keeping [Kasem] prisoner."

But according to the Deputy Scott Wilson of the Kitsap County sheriff's office, Kasem was found Tuesday with Jean at the home of longtime friends where he had been staying.

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"We know he has an affliction, but he was alert, upright, dressed, groomed and cognizant of what was going on," Wilson said. "We see a lot of at-risk adults and children. This wasn't anywhere close to being suspicious."

"We are grateful to the local authorities for finding my dad," Kasem's daughter Kerri Kasem wrote in a statement. "We are one step closer to bringing him home."

Danny Deraney, a spokesman for three of Kasem's children, said they  still have "grave concerns" about his health. Kasem, 82, suffers from Parkinson's and Kerri claims he suffers from Lewy body disease, a form of dementia.

Jean has been in control of Kasem's medical care and has blocked three of Kasem's children from seeing him in the past months.(Watch them discussing the issue on CNN here.) A hearing is scheduled for June 20 to evaluate Kasem's health and well-being.