Question: Please give me something on The O.C.

Answer: I recently spoke to the show's new breakout star, Autumn Reeser, about the forthcoming redemption of her bitcheriffic alter ego, Taylor Townsend. "There's definitely a sweet side to Taylor, and I think we're going to get to see a little of that," she says. "She's not just a one-dimensional character who's out to get these people. She just wants what she wants, and she knows how to get it. But we're going to see her feeling a little bit guilty." What exactly prompts this sudden attack of conscience? "She goes home and [realizes that] she doesn't have any friends." Other poop niblets dropped by Reeser: Taylor's affair with Dean Hess gets exposed in November, right around the time we meet Taylor's mom played by Pacific Blue (and Santa Barbara) grad Paula Trickey. But here's the news that's really got me excited: Reeser has started sharing scenes (and possibly more?) with Ben McKenzie's Ryan. "Taylor and Ryan are a very odd match in a scene," she laughs, adding that a romance between the two would be "hysterical." Note to Josh Schwartz: Make this happen and I'll forgive you for Oliver.