As any "football widow" can tell you, not much — if anything — can prompt a red-blooded male to lift his remote-controlling thumb to change the channel once a big game is on. Yet this Sunday, as Fox hosts the biggest gridiron clash of them all — Super Bowl XXXVI — NBC has decided to pull out all the stops in an attempt to consume some of the fourth network's eyeballs: A Playboy Playmate-packed edition of its Fear Factor reality series.

The first segment of Fear's Playmate-apalooza will air during the typically hit-or-miss Super Bowl halftime show, and a complete, hour-long edition will run once Sunday's game comes to an end. So, what exactly are the glamorous gals going to be asked to do? Fear Factor isn't revealing its playbook ahead of time, yet intrigued viewers can rest assured that it will be "the wildest experience," according to Angel Boris (Miss July 1996), one of Sunday's sworn-to-secrecy contestants. "They ask you about some of your greatest fears to get an idea of what your personality is like and see what you're willing to do. But they don't necessarily base the challenges on what you expect.

"After agreeing to do this, I was most terrified of having to eat something disgusting — like a live beetle, or a sheep's eyeball," Boris cringes. "I can even handle bugs crawling all over me, but not that!"

While some may view the Fear special as a sign that the world is in fact coming to an end, executive producer Matt Kunitz believes it's all in good fun. "Fear Factor is a big stunt show," he allows. "I don't think we take ourselves too seriously. We're just having a good time. Sunday's show is no different than any other — it just happens to be filled with Playmates."