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This New Pixar Short Should Be a Full-Length Movie

Watch a first look at Sanjay's Super Team

Sadie Gennis

Even though this first look at Pixar's new short Sanjay's Super Team is only 38 seconds long, it's already got us hooked.

In the video, we meet Sanjay, a young kid obsessed with a Western superhero cartoon. And when his father rings a bell to signify that it's time for morning prayers, Sanjay isn't ready to turn off his beloved Super Team. This prompts the pair to begin a back-and-forth battle over control of the TV, before Sanjay's Hindu father eventually wins out. What the clip doesn't reveal is when a group of Hindu deities form a group like Avengers and arrive to save Sanjay.

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Sanjay's Super Team is the first time Pixar has explicitly addressed religion in one of its films and hopefully it won't be the last. Its creator, longtime Pixar employee Sanjay Patel, told Variety the short is inspired by his real life, calling himself a "late bloomer in my parents' culture." And producer Nicole Grindle said she hopes it will inspire people who are not Hindu or Indian to ask more about the culture.

Check out the first look at Sanjay's Super Team below. The full short will premiere during screenings of Pixar's The Good Dinosaur.