Fans have been clamoring for a sequel to The Incredibles since the movie debuted in 2004. And now, at long last, they're getting one.

Brad Bird, who wrote and directed The Incredibles, confirmed in an NPR interview this week that he's returning to write the sequel. "I'm just starting to write it," he said. "It's percolating."

Winnie the Pooh is getting the Disney live-action treatment

Pixar said a year ago that an Incredibles sequel was in the works, but didn't give any further details. Samuel L. Jackson said in an interview at the time that Bird had said his character Frozone will be making an appearance.

"Every time I run into Brad [Bird, director] he always tells me Frozone is part of what's going on, so I have to believe that," he told Digital Spy.

Bird made the jump from animated movies to live-action ones with 2011's Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. His latest movie, Tomorrowland, comes out next month — which means Bird's time is freed up to work on a new Incredibles script.

No word yet as to whether Bird will reprise his role as Edna Mode.


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