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Pitch: Beanball Brings Out Two Very Different Sides of Ginny

Things get personal on and off the field

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday's episode of Pitch. Read at your own risk]

The third episode of Pitch centered on a good ol' fashioned beanball game between the San Diego Padres and the St. Louis Cardinals when Ginny (Kylie Bunbury) gets the chance to get even with the pitcher who injured Tommy (Ryan Dorsey).

The unofficial rules of a beanball game mean that if a pitcher throws a wild pitch that hits a player while they are at bat, the opposing team gets to hit the pitcher back when they're up at plate. You can already see how that would get complicated since Ginny is the only female player in the league and her opposing pitcher throws balls at 90mph.

Why Pitch could be the fall's most important and socially aware show

Beaning her team's arch nemesis was the boldest move Ginny has physically made all season. That choice is underscored by the fact that this week's flashbacks showed a more vulnerable side of Ginny than we've ever seen before. The flashback scenes focused on Ginny's times in the minors and the one time she violated her "I don't date ball players" rule for another pitcher on an opposing team named Trevor (Shamier Anderson). The scenes play out their courtship, first time sleeping together and inevitable breakup, showing a completely different side of Ginny than the baseball-obsessed go-getter we've seen so far.

The devolution of the relationship comes with a surprising twist that Trevor is now the catcher for the Cardinals, and undoubtedly is the one that convinced his teammates not to hit Ginny back. In the same episode, we saw the ballsiest-Ginny and the most vulnerable Ginny we've seen so far. This episode goes to show that Pitch has been warming up, but when it comes time to step up to the mound the show knows how to play the game.

Pitch: Are we headed towards a Ginny and Mike relationship?

Case in point: The romantic tension between Ginny and Mike (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) cooled down back to warm mentor and mentee goodness. They really do have the most rewarding relationship on the show, and it plays better when they stay in their respective roles -- at least for the time being. "Beanball" showed that romantic drama can be drummed up in other areas and still feel satisfying. Now that we know photos of Trevor and Ginny together have been leaked to the Internet ether, Ginny is going to need her support system in tact when the media circus around her inevitably intensifies.

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Pitch airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.