One of Broadway's most anticipated premieres - Mel Brooks' musical adaptation of Young Frankenstein - is finding its wish-list ensemble stripped down to the bolt necks, thanks to the TV-pilot casting season. Among the casualties: Kristin Chenoweth, who was to channel Madeleine Kahn, is now Pushing Daisies for ABC, a "real blow" to Frankenstein, a source tells the New York Post. Likewise, Zachary Levi - Brooks' best bet to fill the Gene Wilder role - is now NBC's Chuck, and would-be Igor Roger Bart is testing for Kelsey Grammer's Action News. As a result, the Post reports, a Will & Grace reunion may be in the offing, with Megan Mullally stepping in for Chenoweth and Eric McCormack in the running for Dr. F. OK, but I draw the line at Beverly Leslie playing the monster.