Ben Stiller Ben Stiller

Fox isn't wasting any time setting up its development slate.

The network has ordered four comedy pilots and three dramas, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The newcomers join previously announced drama pilot Eva Adams, which is finalizing casting, and fall comedy Boldly Going Nowhere.

Fox President Kevin Reilly said last week that the new comedy slate would be closer in tone to hit series Malcolm in the Middle and The Bernie Mac Show than this season's quickly cancelled Do Not Disturb. Among the contenders are:

The Station, a single-camera pilot from Ben Stiller's Red Hour films that revolves around a covert CIA operative whose team is trying to install a new dictator in South America.

Walorsky, a single-camera pilot that focuses on a lazy ex-cop-turned-mall security guard (common theme in Hollywood these days, no?) who is forced to shape up after being assigned an idiot partner.

Two Dollar Beer, a multi-camera pilot set in Detroit that centers on a blue-collar couple and their extended family and friends.

Sons of Tucson, a single-camera pilot that centers on a hustler hired by three rich brothers to pretend to be their "father" while their real one is in prison.

The dramas include medical drama Maggie Hill, which focuses on a female surgeon who thrives despite fighting schizophrenia; Human Target, an adaptation of a DC Comics title about a security guard-for-hire who takes the fall for his clients who are in life-threatening danger; and an untitled project that revolves around investigators who solve current problems by using the concept of reincarnation to solve mysteries of their pasts.

Do any of these pilots sound like winners to you?