In his 26-year career, Curtis Armstrong has played all kinds of characters. But, as he was raised to pop-culture prominence by his portrayals of oddballs and outcasts — most notably, Booger in 1984's B-movie classic, Revenge of the Nerds — he wasn't the least bit insulted when the Sci Fi Channel offered him the role of Pig Boy, a half-human/half-Porky tabloid staffer on the wacky new series The Chronicle.

"Absolutely, this is the logical career progression for me," the classically trained graduate of Michigan's Academy of Dramatic Arts tells TV Guide Online. "What can I say? I'd certainly auditioned for more disgusting parts.

"The great thing about Pig Boy," he continues, "is that I don't have to play [his porcine side] at all. It doesn't manifest itself — I'm not snorting or whirling around in mud. And I think he only squeals in moments of heightened excitement, which, thank God, we haven't seen yet."

That said, the snout-nosed Romeo could start oinking (not to mention boinking) anytime. In fact, Armstrong reveals, this week's installment (airing Saturday at 9 pm/ET) finds his alter ego making a startling confession to comely colleague Grace (Ed head-turner Rena Sofer). "Pig Boy reveals that he has feelings for her which are warmer and deeper than those of ordinary friendship.

"It's funny," he adds, "but it does give him the opportunity to show a little more of the man and less of the pig."

Unlike such features as Bad Medicine and One Crazy Summer, the episode also affords the versatile showbiz vet a rare chance to display his range. "I love doing comedy, and, in a small way, it does become a challenge to make these [doofus characters] work," he rationalizes. "But obviously, it's not Lear."