<EM>The Biggest Loser</EM>'s Matt Hoover The Biggest Loser's Matt Hoover

Flying under the radar has its advantages. Just ask Seth Word and Suzy Preston  two of the finalists who will vie for the $250,000 prize during The Biggest Loser's Season 2 finish (airing tonight at 8 pm/ET on NBC). Genuine nice guys, the hardworking pair managed to survive on the show's fat farm by succeeding without standing out. As for third finalist Matt Hoover? Well, the wrestling champ cried a lot. (Sorry, Matt!) Here the trio weighs in on their Biggest achievements.

SETH WORD, 24: Lost 87 pounds in 100 days
His new priority:
"Keeping up with my son, Linkin. He's 2."
The next step: "After the show I'm going to become a personal trainer. I learned so much from this experience that I think it would be horrible not to share."
Trainer vs. trainer: "Jillian's in your face. She pushes you to get results. Bob wants you to Zen yourself into losing weight. I'm going to be a little of both: very demanding like Jillian, compassionate like Bob."
Why he still sorta pigs out: "I have to eat more now  2,000 to 2,500 calories a day  in order to sustain the new muscles I have. So I still eat my carne asada burritos. But do I eat them every day? No."

SUZY PRESTON, 29: Lost 66 pounds in 100 days
On voting off pal Shannon in Week 9:
"It crushed me to think I betrayed a friend. But if I didn't play the game, the game was going to get played on me."
Working it out: "If someone wants to see me, they have to meet me at the gym," says Preston, who works out three hours a day every day except Sunday. "I'm in training until the finale. After that I start to have a life."
Introducing the new Suzy: "I've gotten LASIK eye surgery. I don't want to hide behind my glasses anymore. And I love clothes. Just to walk into Anthropologie and be in a single-digit dress size [is like], 'Oh!' The weight I'm at right now is where I want to stay for the rest of my life."

And TV Guide's pick to win:
MATT HOOVER, 28: Lost 109 pounds in 100 days
On gaining 12 pounds in Week 9:
"It was all water. I just didn't work out and I drank as much as I could handle. I used to wrestle. I can gain 20 pounds in one day if I want."
The truth about Matt: "I used to go out and get drunk from Thursday to Sunday afternoon."
What started him crying all the time: "When I went into the house and they said no drinking. I've always been pretty emotional, but I went through significant changes on this show. And that was a tough thing to swallow."
A healthy outlook: "By the finale I'll have been sober for nine months. That makes me happier than anything else."