Season 31 of The Amazing Raceis officially under way, which means we had to check in with the legend himself: Phil Keoghan. The host has given us his predictions for who will win in seasons past, but for this new venture — which has a cast made up of Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brotheralums — TV Guide decided to change things up a bit. This year, we're doing The Amazing Race superlatives.

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We had Keoghan weigh in on which team was Most Directionally Challenged (Janelle & Britney, "There is no map in that head," according to Keoghan), the Best Runners (Colin & Christie, who Keoghan also said get most improved since their last appearance on the show), the Puzzle Masters (Team Fun), and more. Check out who Keoghan gave an honor to — and who he predicts might take home this season's big prize in the video above.

The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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Phil Keoghan, <em>The Amazing Race</em>Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race