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Person of Interest Mega Buzz: It's Happening! The Machine Targets Reese!

Finch faces an impossible decision

Liz Raftery

On Monday's episode of Person of Interest, the hypothetical worst-case scenario becomes a very real crisis, when the rebooted Machine begins to turn on Finch (Michael Emerson), Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Root (Amy Acker). Faced with a foe whose "artificial" intelligence far surpasses their own, Finch and Root have the perfect setup for yet another philosophical discussion. At one point, Finch ponders the question that's been on all of our minds: What if it comes down to a winner-takes-all Machine-vs.-humans situation? Who will he choose to save?

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It's a decision he may have to make sooner than anyone anticipates, after a "glitch" in Machine 2.0 makes Reese a target. Will the Machine have to be destroyed in order to be "fixed"? Our money's on yes.

Now, granted, we're only on Episode 2 of a 13-episode season. But it's unlikely this will be the last time this problem comes up.

"Out of his fear and his anguish ... Mr. Finch doubles down and finds a solution that is terrible to him in his heart," Emerson told us ominously before the start of the season. "When no other solution is available, even the roughest-looking idea ... you may have to go with it."

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of Monday's episode in the clip above.

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