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Tuesday is going to be a big night for Person of Interest's Shaw.

Although the Machine spits out the number of a rare wine dealer named Tomas, once Shaw (Sarah Shahi) begins to take a closer look, she realizes he's actually the leader of a very skilled smash-and-grab team of thieves. Owing to her own experience in that arena, Shaw infiltrates Tomas' group to keep an eye on him. And, of course, that involves putting on a sexy dress.

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"Everything is a weapon," Shahi tells with a laugh. "Everything is an asset, whether it's her body, whether it's a dress. She's not girly in any sense, but if that's something she has to do to get the job done, then she's a soldier who will do whatever it takes. She knows she has certain assets and she's not afraid to use them. She doesn't necessarily play into her sexuality, but she's aware that it's there and she's aware that it can be a weapon."But it soon becomes clear that Shaw might have more than a professional interest in Tomas and his crew. "There's definitely an intrigue for her," Shahi says. "She was part of a smash-and-grab crew when the show first started, and these guys take it to a whole new level. So, there's definitely a level of intrigue, but at the end of the day I still believe her heart belongs to Root."Shahi's joke about a Shaw-Root ( Amy Acker) paring might seem like nothing more than wink and a nudge for some of the show's 'shippers, but Shahi says she's encouraged the writers to more fully explore Shaw's complicated sexuality. (As much as she likes weapons outside the bedroom, I think she would use some inside too," she says.) And it seems the writers have taken her notes, adding more and more overt references to Root's crush on Shaw, and vice versa. But will that ever truly become a reality on the show?

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"When things like that are fulfilled, it loses its magic," Shahi says. "I think when it comes to Root, Shaw wants to punch her one minute then kiss her the next. That's a really fun dynamic to play with. But is it ever going to be fulfilled? I think it's more fun to dangle the carrot and not get to take a bite."Plus, Shahi is not convinced that Shaw will always be around. In fact, in Tuesday's episode, Shaw considers an invite from Tomas to join him for a caper in Barcelona. So, just how committed is Shaw to Team Machine?"She's a lone wolf in a way," Shahi says. "Her commitment to Finch and to Reese is one that should still be played one foot in and one foot out. I think she's made it very clear to them. One of the reasons Shaw came on board the team was because her entire country had turned against her and presumed that she was dead. There was power in numbers and she needed more eye to watch her ass. In some ways, she's using them. If things got boring for her or if a better opportunity came up I think she would definitely take it."However, it doesn't seem like things are going to get too quiet any time soon. "I think she's going to make her own chaos," Shahi teases. "This is a character who has a huge appetite for violence. Any risk she takes it's not an accidental thing. She's purposefully putting herself out there. She's a psychopath. It's purely intentional and it's fun for her to be like that. She's a soldier. She's a warrior."

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