Now that word has hit the street that Less Than Perfect is casting the lesbian mothers of resident odd duck Owen (Andy Dick), every ambiguously gay duo in Hollywood ought to be beating a path to the ABC witcom's offices. But before producers hand over the plum parts, perhaps they should review our list of unusual suspects. Some of these tag teams, you have to admit, have always seemed queer as folk.

Joan Collins and Linda Evans: If the dueling divas of Dynasty actually had sublimated sapphic tendencies, we'd at last have a plausible explanation for their obsession with fisticuffs and shoulder pads.

Jane Curtin and Susan Saint James: This one's too easy. Come on, who didn't think that the bosom buddies of Kate & Allie were just a mullet haircut away from buying hers and hers bathroom towels?

Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence: There's a perfectly logical reason why Mama lived with her family and not with a husband — she was strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. (We couldn't resist.)

Penny Marshall and Rosie O'Donnell: Cindy Williams already has a Perfect role, so why not rematch her Laverne & Shirley playmate with her fellow K-Mart shill... then send them straight to the tool department?

Nora Dunn and Jan Hooks: If ever a couple of broads were odd enough to pop out an eccentric like Owen, it's these SNL alumni. We always figured their Sweeney Sisters were really sistahs, anyway.

Meryl Streep and Cher: TV gigs being "in" with movie celebs, Perfect should accept as guests no Less than Silkwood's girlfriends, one of whom (yes, you, Chastity's mom) has got to stop slumming it on Will & Grace.

Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor: We know — the Xena gal pals are way too young, not to mention fine, to have produced a child as old and, um, unique-looking as Owen. But if Will & Grace can fool Emmy voters into thinking it's worthier than this endearing little show, then surely this endearing little show can dupe viewers into buying the lookers as Owen's red-hot mamas.

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